This site is a companion to my 'Point of View' site: (; the latter having a somewhat wider remit. The purpose of this site is to focus more narrowly  on how socialism (or communism - I use the words interchangeably)  might be achieved.

The next page features a lengthy article, entitled 'Planning Socialism', which considers what political actions might be needed before and after the establishment of socialism. I also present a model of how free access might operate.

On the Other Articles' page, you'll find a discussion paper  I circulated to members of the Socialist Party of Great Party in 2010 outlining some radical suggestions aimed at improving the fortunes of the Party (which, when all is said and done, constitutes the only political party to actually advocate socialism in the UK). I have also  re-published  'The Way Ahead' from my POV site here because of its relevance.

These articles are intended to stimulate 'no holds barred' debate and are offered in a spirit of concern  for what I consider to be the only political idea worth fighting for. So do please feel free to take issue with anything I say, and to submit your own ideas via the Guestbook facility. Once again, I should caution that spam will be deleted.


Andy Cox

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